Protect What Matters


Our legal service offerings are designed to protect, promote and preserve the things that matter.

Where you have suffered a personal injury, we will evaluate the case to ascertain the feasibility of a lawsuit. We provide small business counsel to support you in growing your business. Our estate planning services are designed to protect your autonomy and facilitate the transfer of wealth to your next generation. We offer conflict resolution counseling as a way to provide guidance for resolving the most common threats to family, life and legacy.

Estates, Trusts & Probate

Think of an estate plan or trust as a celebration of your life, and protection for those you love when you are no longer in the picture. It’s appropriate whether you have small children, purchasing your first home or contemplating retirement. Our goal is to ensure your wishes are honored, probate is avoided, and family conflicts are minimized, all with an orderly transition. Where probate is inevitable, we handle it as well.

Our estate planning package includes a Declaration of Trust, a Last Will and Testament and a Certification Trust. We provide Honorary Trust for the beloved family pet, and Special Needs Trusts to support those with disabilities, all with the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed for your peace of mind.

Life Design Plans

Our life design plan gives voice to your desires before a personal crisis occurs. Where providence shines, your independence is not an issue. However, where providence is not quite so generous, a life design plan can dictate how your affairs are to be administered. We help you reimagine the possibilities, hear your preferences, and create the legal instruments that support these new realities, should they occur.

We customize your Advanced Health Care Directive, Power of Attorney, Conservator Nomination and Special Needs Trust, just so you have the best opportunity to live on your own terms.

Pre-Litigation Services

Litigation can be expensive, complex and emotionally draining. A methodical approach to conflict can yield tremendous benefits.
We aim for practical outcomes that keep you whole.

Case Evaluation

The benefit from the fruits of our labor is one of our greatest economic assets. When our ability to earn as entrepreneurs or employees has been adversely impacted, it alters our qualitative and quantitative possibilities for a better future. The law does not offer a remedy for every conceivable injustice. Where it does offer a remedy, the requirements are narrowly prescribed. We offer case evaluation services for those who want to know if they have a case that warrants legal remedy. We structure the case so it is easier to secure legal representation.
If requested, we help secure proper counsel as well.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Counseling

In these days of blended families and large disparities in wealth, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can protect both parties in a relationship. It can be an effective solution to preserving the interests of one’s children from a prior relationship, or even that of an aging parent. A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can also be an irritant that infuses an unnecessarily adversarial element into a new relationship. We offer counseling services to help you ascertain whether this is suitable for your relationship.

Pre-Divorce Counseling

Our firm is not in the business of breaking up families. We are however, interested in helping people preserve wealth, especially those with children. Our founder is an experienced retirement planner. She can provide an important, preliminary perspective on retirement plan benefits, and maintaining the family home, and creative solutions for securing child support obligations. We offer this consulting service, with the integrity of the parties in mind. When you have children, the interactions don’t cease with the divorce. A long-term perspective benefits everyone, especially your children.

Conflict Resolution Counseling

Conflict and family discord are among the greatest threats to intergenerational wealth.

Some conflicts can be resolved by sober, well-reasoned conversation, all in the interest of preserving families, friendships and wealth. We offer this service to those who want to avoid unnecessary lawyer fees and trips to the courthouse.

Small Business Counsel

Our founder is a small business advocate. We have prioritized the support of entrepreneurs as foremost among our service offerings. Covington May business services are designed to meet today’s challenges and adjust as required.

We offer business services, to include those expressly listed below:

Every business client, is eligible to receive a free evaluation of congressionally mandated tax-credits and the state and local incentives, for which they qualify.

This service is provided by an affiliate, that employs Certified Public Accountants that specialize in profit recovery for small businesses.

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