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Estate Plans to Life Plans

Estate Plans?

Life Design Plans?

A year like no other offers us an invaluable lesson…… From 9-11 to the Great Recession to today’s Pandemic-disrupted, lifestyle, the only certainty is uncertainty.

Most financial advisors don’t know the law, and most attorneys are not certified in wealth management. Finance and the law are separate disciplines but different sides of the very same coin. At Covington May, we think differently.

Not Just Estate Planning, but Life Planning.

Our Practice

Commitment to protect your future

Think of an estate plan or trust as a celebration of life, and protection for those you love when you are no longer in the picture.

A life plan gives voice to your desires, before a personal crisis occurs. Where providence shines, independence is not an issue.

Litigation can be expensive, complex and emotionally charged. A facilitative approach to conflict can yield tremendous benefits for the parties.

Conflict, litigation and family discord are among the greatest threats to intergenerational wealth.

Our founder is a small business advocate. We have prioritized the support of entrepreneurs as foremost among our service offerings.

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Why Us?

Guardians of Life & Legacy

We understand that your personal autonomy is of paramount importance.
We care about families, and the legacies they are entrusted to carry.
We hold in high regard, the transformational nature of wealth, because we have managed it ourselves.
We have few peers in our capacity to help you strike the right balance among your concerns.

About the Founder

Reaching Professional Crossroads

Becoming an attorney was not a casual decision. After two decades of helping client’s amass wealth, my only professional frustration was the inability to protect my client’s independence.

“Skillful pilots gain their reputation from the storms and tempest.”